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Let's be honest all of us have gone through this very hard breakup and don't know how to move on. This can be a very stressful time in your life and a very depressing time. A wonderful way to get over your ex is to move on and learn from your mistakes. Hopefully this helps you understand how to move on how to accept what's happened. As well help you develop into a different person and learn from your mistakes.



Let's just start off with 

Stop all communication


Unless absolutely necessary stop all communication with your ex. Stop looking at their social media pages and old text/msm messages. Don't block them from social media or block their number because there will most likely be a time were one of you will need to communicate to get something resolved. Like the clothes they left at your house or that spare car key that you gave them that you need back.

Stop worrying about them, yes it can be hard because you're so use to making sure that they got home safe or that they are with good company. This is the point where you need to forget that you're no longer forced/require to make sure that they are safe. So stop worrying, start putting that concern towards yourself.




It's time to put the memories away.



Go around your home find all the pictures gifts, rings, mix tapes, love notes and put, them in a box. Put this box in place where you normally don't go often like deposit box or the area in your home that you barely look at, somewhere out of sight. Even though it can be tempting don't destroy any of these memories. This is your past and there will come a point in time were you'll run into that box you'll shed a tear. It will be a Bittersweet moment but by destroying the memories you won't be able to go back and see where we're and how far you have come.



Stay away from the bottle


This is a depressing time of your life as you've given a lot of your love to your significant other that is now your ex but this is not the time to drink alone. With the depression that you have at this point and drinking alone is just a recipe for disaster. Now I'm not saying you can't drink just make sure you're drinking with friends. Make sure that one of them has your phone so you're not stupid enough to text or call your ex while you're drunk. When you drink with friends, make sure that they're well aware of what is going on and let them know that you need to be watched just make sure you don't go overboard.



Listening to sad music 


This is the time to shed a tear. It doesn't make you weak to cry; it shows that you have a emotions and you are capable of love. This will help you move on and understand that is was not meant to be. Listening to sad music encourages you to shed tears a little faster it also helps remind me that there's other people have gone through the same thing as you. You're not alone everyone has gone through a heartbreak like this so it's time to curl up, cry and be ready to move on.


The hardest part


At this point you need to stop thinking about getting back together right now is not the time to get back with your ex. Your emotions are the highest level you ever experienced your judgement is clouded. Now yes there may be a time when you get back together but don't focus on it. Don't waste time or energy overthinking and pining to get back together this will not help you heal. Think of it this way, why would you want to get back with your ex if neither one of you have changed. You both have flaws this is why you broke up. You need to focus on your plans and you need to focus on how to change yourself.



Remember the past, Remember why you broke up


This is the point in time were you need to start focusing on why we broke up and if there is something you could change. It takes two to fight, meaning you're 50% of the blame for relationship falling apart no more no less. Write one thing you cannot stand about your ex. One thing you wanted them to change. One thing you would never able to do because of them. Then right one thing they always ask for you to change. One thing that they always had a problem with you. One thing you never allowed/or was hesitant to let them do. By doing this it should help you understand that it wasn't a perfect relationship. Now take what they have asked you to change, the problems that you both had, and what you were hesitant to let them do.  And honestly ask yourself from an unbiased standpoint are these things you can change; are these things that would make you a better person if you did change them.

Then take the time and try to change these flaws you see in yourself. Ask friends and family there opinion on these issues. And how they think you can work on these flaws.


Time to realize that your going to be OK.

Understand that being with a significant other is like an addiction, now that your aren't with with them it feels like your going through withdrawals. Ask yourself why you feel like you can't be with out them. 

Then try to replace what your missing with something new. For example if you miss there company, the conversion you had with them, or even there love that they gave you. Replace there company with learning to enjoy your own company. Replace the conversation you had with intelligent conversation with friends and family. Replace there affections and love that they gave you and learn to love yourself, and all your flaws.


Time to change your appearance 


Since you started dating your ex you have slacked on your appearance, you skipped the gym, ate unhealthy, and vegged on the couch and lot more. Now it's time to get back into a routine of eating healthy and going to the gym. Use that extra money that you use to spend on them and change up your wardrobe. Time to evolve to a better looking person. 


Time for Closure


You may never get Closure from your ex. This can be hard cause a part of you thinks if you knew what you did wrong from there point of view there might be a chance that you might get back together. Understand that your relationship you had was with the right person wrong time . But you can not wait for it to a the perfect time. So instead send a letter to your ex after a month has passed. Apologizing for what you know you did wrong and what you could have changed. Refrain from anything that could be negative,this is your way of giving a form of Closure to them. Make sure you end it with a form of gratitude. Thank them for the experience and the good Times. This will help give you and your ex Closure. And it might help kindle a friendship with your ex. Don't get your hopes up though, you may never get a response; but it gives you a chance to get your emotions of your chest. 


Time to move on buttercup


Understand you will still have apart of you in love with them and over time it will dwindle but never truly go away. So take the next few months building your confidence up. Make sure you have allowed time to heal before jumping in a relationship. Give time to grow and get comfortable with being alone

and learning to enjoy your own company. Take time to explore new friendships. 



From the Writer


I hope this helps you in your time of pain. I understand it can be hard, and understand it's totally natural for us to end relationship and be heart broken.

I honestly live my life by this quote and it has helped me a lot.

"Live life as if you were to die tomorrow; Learn as if you were to life forever." - Gandhi 


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